C.A.F.E. Showcase

The Centre has produced many useful learning objects, web sites, and other resources for faculty. On this page we would like to highlight some of these as a partial portfolio of our successes. CLICK on the thumbnails below to discover our many creations!

Drag & Drop In-class

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A variety of drag and drop flash quizzes were created for in-class use. Students are timed when answering the quiz to add a competitive edge to the activity. Templates have been created and are available for you to customize with your own questions. Download the following zipped folder to view examples and template files.

Liquid Ring

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Even with detailed static diagrams students were having a hard time visualizing how a liquid compressor works, so this 3D animation was created.

Dental Mouth Labelling

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This drag and drop labelling activity gives students an opportunity to practice and test their ability to properly label an open oral cavity.

Alternating Current

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A couple of animations synchronized to explain how alternating current works.

Clamp & Drill

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Students create the clamp and drill circuit by dragging and dropping the appropriate pieces into the correct areas on the circuit. Once the circuit is successfully assembled, it will animate to demonstrate how it works.

Dental Charting

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This activity was created to help students develop their understanding of “Assessment of Dentition Charts”. A question is given, for example “Which tooth is missing?”. Then students examine the mark-up on the chart to determine the correct response.

Vane Pump

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This simple animation was created to help students better understand how a vane pump works.

Inverse Proportions

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Users are able to increase & decrease the number of teeth on a pinion gear to see how it inversely effects the speed.